Getting started

Orynt3D has been designed for exploration with the goal of finding what you're looking for and getting it onto the printer. We try to keep things simple, which means being opinionated about what is possible, however we also appreciate there are many ways of organising, which means having a lot of options. A lot of options creates a complex program.

To get started, we're going to:

  1. Add a scanned source
  2. Identify missing and redundant models
  3. Fix cover images

Add your first scanned source

Go to the "Sources" tab and add a folder that has some 3D files in. You can pick a small subfolder if you want to try something, or your whole collection, whichever you pick you can always change later.

  1. Go to Sources
  2. Add a folder
  3. Press "scan"

In this case, a large sub-folder of a bigger collection has been chosen as the root of a scanned source.

Identify missing and redundant models

There is no one "correct" way of configuring the scan source, however when the scan is first run you may find both redundant models, and missing models, in your library.

This will always be because of the scan settings. Some folders are being converted to models when they should be part of another model, and other folders aren't even being converted into models.

Missing models

There are multiple folders under "Characters". Using the "Query in Explore" button we can show the models that have been found under this folder in Explore. In this case, the problem is the scan settings are configured to only create a model if a folder contains an image.

The "Characters" folder is initially set to inherit the configuration from it's parent ("Only create a model if the folder contains an image"). We set the "Characters" folder configuration to not inherit from it's parent, but to create a model only if the folder contains a 3D file (such as an STL or OBJ). We save the configuration and rescan just that part of the library, and then use "Query in Explore" again to show the results.

Now all the folders are showing up as a model.

Redundant models

The "Core Crew" folder is showing as a model, even though it has no files of it's own, and each of the "Core Crew" folders underneath has many child folders itself. We set the "Core Crew" folder configuration to not make a model, and then using Shift+Click we set all the folder configurations underneath to be a model under all conditions, including all subfolders and files, and to disable model creation unless explicitly stated, as below:

Managing subfolder configurations

Managing subfolder configurations

Finally, we save all the changes with Ctrl+S, and then rescan the parent folder.

Learn more about importing models or check the reference manual on configuring sources.

Fix cover images

To make a new cover image, take a screenshot from Explore. Either directly from the contents view, or from the Details view (click the card title). Make sure the folder is rescanned to see the change.

To use a different cover image from the one Orynt3D has already chosen, either "Set as cover" from the Details view, or use the "Pick cover image" option from Explore directly. Both of them are instant, but "Pick cover image" allows you to crop the image before setting as cover.

Next steps

  1. Add tags and attributes, and organise using collections
  2. Learn more about importing models
  3. Read about using the Explore view