Common Import Configurations

Ideally we prefer all the relevant files for a model to be within a single folder heirarchy. However the real world isn't ideal, so we've assembled a list of common patterns we've seen in the wild.

Descendant folder model

Files for one model are separated into folders under a common model root.


  • Thingiverse legacy (Model > [files | images])
  • Loot Studios (Model > Scale > SupportType > SupportConfig)


Greedy + disable children.

Multi-folder model

Files for one model are separated into folders but don't share a common model root.


  • Heroes Infinite (Supported > Model | Unsupported > Model)

Strategy A

Move the files.

Strategy B

Use heirarchical tags to mark the top-level split (eg supported/unsupported) and accept multiple models in the library.

Variable part models

One folder heirarchy containing many parts that can be combined in different ways to produce different (but related) results.

For example, a troop type made of different torsos, legs, heads, weapons.


  • Piper Makes
  • One Page Rules

Strategy A

Bundle all variations under the same model. Apply "file-split model" above, to group all files under a single point in the heirarchy and convert to model.

Strategy B

Split the files apart in a way that's meaningful. For example:

  • Convert the "body parts" into one model, name and tag appropriately
  • Split the weapon loadouts into separate models, named and tagged in relation to the models that need them.

Model group folder

One folder containing multiple files that are related, but aren't a single, multi or variable part model.

Prime examples include bases and terrain that are grouped together by folder for convenience.

Strategy A

Explode the individual files into folders (using Euler or file manager).

Strategy B

Accept multiple unrelated mesh files in a model and search by filename: f:"25mm"