Stop looking at files.
Start Looking at models.

What is Orynt3D?

If you've owned a 3D printer for more than about 5 minutes, you'll have a whole computer full of models in varying states from WIP to printed.

By the time you've owned one for 10 minutes, you'll be spending more time looking at your file manager than playing with your models.

Orynt3D is a tool to help manage your model collection.

Stop looking at files, start looking at models.

Beautify your model collection
Organize with tags and collections
Search and filter on everything
Open files in external applications directly

Will it help me?

From tags that allows you to describe a model to collections that let you group your models into in a way that is meaninful to you, Orynt3D gives you options.

Your models can be browsed in their entirety, you can drill down into your collection from the interface, or use the extremely powerful search to find just the right model for your next game!

Try it yourself

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Model by OpenForge