Convert files & folders to models
Fast, idempotent, importing
Custom import rules
Inheritable import configurations
Inheritable tags on import
Organize / metadata
Tags, collections, sources

Store information about the model in your library (immune to folder reorganisation)

Drag & drop tags & collections
Filesystem aware. Worst case you'll get a better organised disk!
Live 3D file view
Supports OBJ, 3MF, STL
Configurable preview colour
Create thumbnail images from file preview
Full boolean logic search (and, or, not)
Paramitized search on multiple fields
Search using wildcards and globbing
Search on filenames and metadata
Saved searches
Open in file manager
Open with default application
Open in configurable external application

Cross platform, desktop application (Windows x64, MacOS x64/arm64, Linux x64)

Signed and supported
Optional automatic updating
In-app help
Keyboard shortcuts
Supportive community
Dark mode