Will it change my folder structure?


We don't change your folder structure, but we do write a small file into your folder structure to store metadata.

When you set metadata on a model like tags or a cover image, Orynt3D writes a file into the corresponding folder to store that data. So if you change the way you organise your folders, just reimport and Orynt3D will pick up all your metadata.

Can you make it automatically change my folder structure?


Your library is valuable, and only you know how you want it organised on your disk.

Managing tags and creating images of your models does add files into the filesystem, as described above, but we currently have no plans to create any automagical sorting tools that change your disk layout.

Will you be charging for Orynt3D?

The model viewer aspect of Orynt3D will always be free.

Unused software has no value, and we want to make sure people are getting something they care about.

The platform is built to enable us to put new functionality behind a paywall of some sort (because to keep doing this, we need to eat ...), but we want to ensure that it will always be useful, even if you don't pay for any of the value added features.

How should I best organise my files?

Short answer:

  1. All the files relating to a single model should be in the same folder tree (STL, OBJ, Lys, Chitu, jpg, gif, etc).
  2. Folders are used to group models together in a way that makes sense to you.

Read "What is a model?" for more information about this pattern, and check out some of the "Common import schemes" to see how to configure Orynt3D to pick up on your existing library.

How do I request a new feature?

Contact us! Tell us about what you're trying to achieve, and give us the opportunity to help you solve it. If you want to demonstrate your seriousness to the cause, feel free to add a donation!

Bad example:

Can I have configurable model card border colour?

This is bad because we don't know why you want to do this. It sounds like it could be useful, but without understanding what the goal of doing this is for you, we can't evaluate the idea on it's merits.

Good example:

Can I have a configurable model card border colour, so I can mark my models as ready-to-print?

This is good because we can talk about what "ready-to-print" means to you, and ask about workflow and really kick the idea about border colours around.

Great example:

I'm the GM of my roleplaying group and regularly print models, but I tend to be a bit last minute. Can I have an at-a-glance way of evaluating what models in my search are ready to print vs which models would need supporting or work done? Being able to set coloured borders, for example, would give a quick view for me.

This is great because now we know why coloured borders would help your workflow, but also the context of your workflow.

In the example above, for a quick-reference, it might be better for us to provide better search tools so you can search for ready-to-print rather than filtering them by eye.