• Code: 256 files changed, 7360 insertions(+), 5557 deletions(-)
  • Brand new customisable folder scanner, which includes:
    • Rescanning selected folders only
    • Enable/disable auto generated tags
    • Customisable model detection
  • Manual metadata (model name, cover image, tags, notes, explore view) - including instant updating if the model is already scanned
  • Database-exported-by-default: we've maintained the view that library metadata is important, and so for filesystem-based libraries (on hard drives, made of folders and files), this metadata shouldn't just live in our database, it should live with your files. So it does. We use it to build an internal model that's fast to query, but you shouldn't ever have to reenter information about a specific folder, no matter how many times you move it around.
  • Explore view now includes page size adjustments as well as pagination! Yay! \o/
  • Tags are all lowercased and normalised, so search should be slightly less fraught.
  • If you use auto-generated tags, we include is:library and is:collection on those you've set.
  • Multiple library paths now supported.
  • Model view details page has been polished a bit, with an 3D file-or-not filter on the filelist
  • The scan view is linked from the details page, and the details page linked from scan, so it should be a bit faster to navigate.
  • The live model viewer no longer rotates the scene when you enable the model rotation handles, and will cope with much larger models than previously.
  • We've replaced our telemetry system that used a generated UUID with one that only sends aggregated data. We're using, which is the same as our website telemetry.
  • Dark mode. We know it wasn't a popular choice on the survey, but after our friend Simon did the dark mode designs it was just too droolworthy not to leap on.


If you tried out the early preview, Prerelease 210 (Win/Linux only), you may have white-screen-of-death on scan. Clearing the user settings seems to fix this, which are now stored in:

~/AppDir/Roaming/envoy/User Storage/ (Win) ~/Library/Application Support/envoy/User Storage/ (MacOS) ~/.config/envoy/User Storage/ (Linux)

Many thanks to ThatRobHuman for jumping in on Prerelease-262 and uncovering a bunch of little oddities, making Prerelease-266 just a little bit tighter and nicer ready for this announcement!

The previous .../hyperrational/envoy/library.db path is no longer used, and may either be deleted, or currently kept if you prefer to use 0.10.7. Once 0.11 becomes the release, 0.10.7 will be automatically updated.