Really import stuff

user.json files are becoming orynt3d.config, and their content is changing. While the name change and content migration have been tested, it would be sensible to back up your user.json files from the Settings page before installing this update.

Telemetry update: the data we collect has changed. We've updated our app data usage page. You can set your preference regarding sending data to us from the Settings page.


New concept: attributes.

These are key/value pairs, that work much like tags. This allows more normalisation in the taxonomy used to organise and search by. There isn't currently a way of mass converting from tags to attributes, but with enough demand we can add this support to the Orynt3D helper app Euler.


  • New source type "Import", allows models to be manually created.
  • Link available to "find model(s) with this source"
  • Improved inheritables drawer layout (tags, attributes)


  • Multiple views (list, grid, cover)
  • Prev/next model in Preview mode
  • Bulk tag/collections of models
  • PDFs are now previewable

User experience

  • Made light/dark theming more consistent
  • Better keyboard navigation
  • Rename hotkey for model (F2)
  • Cover vs Contain setting for Explore thumbnails
  • Persist view settings between sessions
  • Interface is now zoomable (to help with 4k monitors)
  • Improved settings page layout
  • Farewell user.json, welcome orynt3d.config!


  • Removed unused dependencies
  • Removed Tailwind
  • Adjusted telemetry end point
  • Adjusted a lot of settings persistence mechanims