• New name, new branding!
  • New import screen!
    • See all your import configurations at the same time
    • Models can be configured to include files from child folders
  • New explore features!
    • Full search parameters (it's a lot)
    • Custom collections
    • Filter-by-source-location (replaces automatic tag generation from path)
    • Pagesizing, sorting, better pagination
    • Drag and drop model cards to collections and tags to organise
  • Upgraded details experience!
    • Moved many of the details features to the model cards, as well as a details modal
  • Technical changes since 0.10.7
    • 449 files changed, 39389 insertions(+), 22204 deletions(-)
    • Upgraded database for faster importing
    • Many speed optimisations for snappier interface
    • Replacement 3D viewer, supporting OBJ and 3MF, and that sweet, sweet ambient occlusion (more shadows!)


We have added a facility to backup your user.json files -- go to import (on the right hand side, look for the spanner), click the hamburger on the library you want to backup, and select "Backup user.json files". While we're confident everything should just work, we recommend saving any work you've done just in case.

With the name change, there are some locations on your computer that is no longer used. We don't remove this automatically when upgrading right now, so if you'd like to tidy up old files, you can safely delete the following:

From 0.10:

~/AppDir/Roaming/hyperrational/ (Win) ~/Library/Application Support/hyperrational/ (MacOS) ~/.config/hyperrational/ (Linux)

From 0.11:

~/AppDir/Roaming/envoy/ (Win) ~/Library/Application Support/envoy/ (MacOS) ~/.config/envoy/ (Linux)

This also means your settings are not currently being migrated (model colour, source paths, data usage, external program). Your model settings are all stored in user.json files in your filesystem, so will be upgraded during usage.