A big hello to everyone joining us in Discord during June and July! Thanks to your feedback, the main improvement this release is the upgraded STL viewer with the much requested "pause rotation on opening an STL file" feature now available. We also added the ability to rotate the model itself (rather than just the scene), so you can line up that perfect glamour shot.

Thanks so much to our intrepid Linux and Mac M1 users who were kind enough to help test the Linux AppImage and Apple Silicon releases.

To address some of the stumbles we had pre-0.10.5 we took a little longer to go through testing and have added much more robust error handling to provide better diagnostics. We also attached this to telemetry, so if you've ticked the box to send us usage data, we're able to see any errors that show up in our logs, too.

Finally, we're nearing the end of the 0.10.x version. 0.11.x will be a big overhaul to the library scanner (no more rescanning on changes!), and then we're looking to support other file formats beyond just STL. Right now we've got OBJ and 3MF in our sights, but as always, feedback welcome!


  • STL viewer improvements - play/pause rotation, rotate/orbit model, enable/disable scene floor grid
  • Vastly improved error handling (no more white screens!), and error capture via telemetry if enabled
  • Bump Electron to 12.0.15
  • MacOS Apple Silicon (M1/arm64) release
  • Linux release