A lot has changed under the hood, but mostly the effect is just quality of life improvements for all you lovely people.

This release introduces the collection of data usage stats. You can find out more about what stats and why we collect things on our data usage stats page, or if you'd rather not send these stats to us, go to Settings, and uncheck "Send usage stats".

This is also the first proper MacOS release, so we're happy to have everyone on board! It's currently built for Intel64 Macs, but we are aware those need to be Universal binaries. Those are on our radar.


  • MacOS (Intel64) release! (signed & notarized)
  • Telemetry
  • Improved first experience with the releases notes on update
  • Models and Files screens retain state when navigating away from them
  • Upgraded carousel
  • Replaced the infinite scroller on the models page with a page selector (top right)
  • Loads of performance upgrades
  • Lots of smoothed out transitions
  • Improved robustness of auto update functionality